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VLAM - Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board

VLAM is a non-profit organisation promoting Flemish agriculture, horticulture, fishery and the agro-food sector in Belgium and abroad. It takes its lead from the business community as well as from the Flemish government.

VLAM’s promotional work abroad focuses on participation in food and trade fairs, the organisation of contact days and such as well as contacts with distributors. VLAM has its own offices in Paris and Cologne that also handle the Swiss and Austrian markets. In other foreign markets, VLAM cooperates closely with Export Vlaanderen and its 80-odd foreign offices.

Visit this website to find out more about VLAM and its activities, consult its event calendar and export directory, etc.



Enterprise Flanders

Enterprise Flanders (Agentschap Ondernemen) is a government agency, charged with the economy and enterprise policy in Flanders, the Dutchspeaking northern part of Belgium.

In close collaboration with our sister-organisation Flanders Investment & Trade we help foreign entrepreneurs and investors to establish or expand a business in Flanders.







Flanders Investment & Trade - Invest in Flanders

Flanders Investment & Trade is an arm of the Flanders Government and provides confidential advice and assistance free of charge to potential foreign investors.

Should you have any questions about investing in Flanders, staff at offices at the organizations headquarters in Belgium and around the world would be most happy to assist.




GIMV is the only prominent investment company in Flanders specialised in private equity, i.e. investing in the equity of unlisted companies. Its portfolio is evenly distributed over start-up companies, strong SMEs and large companies in both traditional and innovative industries.

Though GIMV is a Flemish company, it invests in both foreign and domestic companies with a vision and potential for growth.

Read more about GIMVs mission, history, portfolio, newsletter, etc. at its website.







Portal site Flanders is the official portal site of the Flemish government. It provides a brief summary of what is happening in Flanders in the areas of economy, education, lifestyle, etc.

Use the guided tour that is part of the portal site or consult the easy to use site map.

Links are provided per topic to the most relevant websites in Flanders.



Portal site Belgium is the official portal site of the Belgian government. It contains information relevant to citizens as well as to businesspersons and companies.

The portal site contains background information on Belgium in general, its political structure, history, lifestyle, etc.

There are links to the other official sites of Belgium and Flanders.




Diplobel is the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

The network of Foreign Affairs is comprised of some 130 Embassies, Consulates and Delegations located abroad and in Belgium, with its Main Office in the centre of Brussels.

This website guides you through the workings of Belgian foreign policy. It provides you with information about services provided by Belgian Embassies, Belgium’s policy on international issues …







NBB - National Bank of Belgium

The National Bank of Belgium, the country's central bank, provides services to the public, to companies, to the State and to the financial world.

Each month 6,000 companies participate in the Bank's business surveys. These give detailed answers to questions regarding types of activity, expected orders, employment, etc. As such, they are an important source of information for the study of our country's economic expectations.

The information collected serves as the basis for in-depth analyses and statistics that are published in the Bank's Economic Review, in the Statistical Bulletin and on the Bank's Internet site.



FPB - The Federal Planning Bureau

The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is a Belgian public utility organisation that provides studies and projections on economic, socio-economic and environmental policy issues.

To that end, the FPB collects and analyses data, explores plausible evolutions, identifies alternatives, evaluates the impact of policy measures and formulates proposals.

Government, parliament, employers’ organisations, unions and national and international institutions appeal to the FPB's scientific expertise.

At its website you can download facts and figures, publications, software, etc.




Belgostat on-line is a socio-economic database with direct electronic access where you can find information on Belgian unemployment, foreign trade, government finances, etc. Detailed tables and figures are available.

Its multidimensional search capability allows the creation of custom reports. At the Belgostat site you can also consult its thesaurus and a wealth of international macroeconomic data.







Visit Flanders

The official website of the Flanders tourism office offers a host of tourist information on Flanders. Obtain an overview of Flemish historical cities and the coast. Select the right hotels or restaurants based upon your budget, order a brochure...

You can also consult the comprehensive calendar of events on-line. There is always something going on in Flanders: events ranging from local parades, carnivals and processions to pageants steeped in medieval history and international festivals.



Belgium Travel Network

Trabel is the Belgium Travel Network. It offers a general overview of the country, its history and hotels. The site contains useful information on transport, weather, airports, airlines, a map of Belgium...

There is also a nice presentation of the historical cities of Belgium such as Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.







Telephone directories

Promedia and Infobel Corporate bring you the yellow, white and business pages of Belgium and Flanders.

A standard search (by name and city) and extended search is available at both websites.