Flanders socially: the art of good living

The people of Flanders love life. Putting their region’s prosperity to good advantage, the Flemish have developed a reputation for:

  • first-class education
  • multi-lingualism
  • excellent affordable healthcare
  • and an extensive social life of festivals, fine cuisine, and convivial cafés.

A talent for living well

In Flanders, education is compulsory for everyone up to age 18. Education is free, and the system of universities in Brussels, Leuven, Antwerp and Ghent is second to none. Education and brain-power are Flanders’ major natural resource.

Flanders is a region of gourmets − enjoying inventive, high-quality cuisine and literally hundreds of hand-made beers. Not to mention the butcher’s and baker’s specialities. And the rich tradition of Flemish chocolate.

Reaching out in the world of sports

To keep fit, the Flemish spend a healthful week at the coast and routinely use their municipal sports centre or fitness club.

Sports abound in Flanders − from the national sport of bicycling, to soccer, tennis, motor cross and swimming.

For many years, Flemish cyclists dominated professional cycling. Eddy Merckx, considered to be one of the greatest competition cyclists of all time, is one of the rare 5-time winners of the Tour de France. Most recently, a Flemish tennis champion has dominated the Grand Slam circuit and become a household name worldwide: Kim Clijsters.

It’s no secret that the art of living well positively influences the commercial sphere of negotiation and trade. Here, too, Flanders is an inviting, hospitable trade and investment partner.