Renewables from Flanders

Decarbonising Flanders...

Whether the future for renewables will eventually lie in offshore wind or solar power or whether second-generation, non-food biofuels or biomass feedstocks are set to be the next big thing, may as yet remain unclear.

Yet, countering climate change and weaning economies off their fossil fuel addiction, will, if anything, require both innovative technology developments and a sustained global low-carbon commitment...

Featured in the current edition of Renewables from Flanders, are Flemish companies, which have proved successful in transforming green energy and environmental technology niches into fully-fledged, mainstream industries with considerable export potential.

Their proven and well-researched technologies, know-how and expert service capabilities are now being widely applied in numerous high-profile renewable energy projects across Europe and beyond.

These cleantech innovators operate across a broad spectrum of the renewable energy solutions market:

  • biofuel producers
  • suppliers of critical technological components or turnkey equipment for the renewable energy industry (wind turbine gearboxes and transformers, anaerobic digestion plant, Si solar cells, BIPV modules, waste-to-energy combustion technology and CHP plant...) offshore wind marine engineering contractors
  • international renewable energy project developers
  • photovoltaics R&D centres
  • green energy trade associations
  • ...

So do settle down to this report and discover the stories behind the cream of Flemish cleantech.


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