Dutch Nedcargo opens new distribution center in Flanders
Source: www.madeinmechelen.be - 08/11/2016

In May 2017, Nedcargo will start using a new 40,000 m distribution center at the De Hulst industrial park in Willebroek (Antwerp), near the seaway. The Dutch logistics company teams up with Flanders’ MG Real Estate for the construction of this center.

Strategically located

“The distribution center will be fully-suited to our customers’ needs and comply with all current safety and environmental requirements,” explains Frank van Steijvoort, CEO of Nedcargo Belgium. “Its position at a port terminal makes it ideally located. Until now, we’ve never had a distribution center accessible via waterway,” van Steijvoort continues.

Unlocking further opportunities

Today, Nedcargo distributes 3 billion kilograms of foodstuffs within Benelux every year. “We have the possibility of expanding the center’s surface area to 60,000 m, enabling us to serve new clients.”

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